Audience Insights

Audience Insights, now available to business accounts in English-speaking countries, reveals what your existing and potential customers are interested in based on their behavior on Pinterest. The insights surfaced by Pinterest are powered by the Taste Graph and reflect the active consideration mindset of Pinners, incorporating actions like searches and saves.

To access Audience Insights, hover over Analytics in the navigation bar and click on Audience Insights in the dropdown.


How to use Audience Insights

Audience selection: Choose between looking at the data for your total audience or for Pinterest’s total audience. See the last 30 day audience size of your selection.  

Categories and interests: See the top categories and interests for your audience selection. When looking at your audience insights, you’ll also be able to see your audience’s affinity for the top categories and interests. You can sort these tables by affinity or audience percentage. When creating a Promoted Pin ad campaign, you can target any of the interests seen in Audience Insights.

Demographics: See a demographic breakdowns of your selected audience by age, gender, location, and devices.


Understanding Audience Insights

How is ‘your total audience’ defined?
An ‘audience’ is defined as the people who have viewed or engaged with all Pins you have saved (both organic and Promoted) and any Pins that have been saved from your claimed website.

What does affinity mean?
Affinity indicates the strength of your audience’s interest in a particular category compared to the average Pinner. A high affinity indicates that this portion of your audience has a strong likelihood of engaging with content related to this interest.