Billing and payment

Accepted payment

Accepted cards

We accept major credit card and debit cards from seventeen countries. We do not accept prepaid cards, Paypal, or cards not listed below.

Countries Cards
United States, Canada Visa, Mastercard, American Express
United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Singapore, Netherlands, Finland, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark Visa, Mastercard

Accepted currencies

We accept USD, CAD, GBP, EUR, AUD, NZD.

Add or update billing information

To add a credit card or update your billing information:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click your profile icon at the top-right of the page
  3. Click Billing

When you add or update your payment information, we may authorize a small temporary transaction to verify your payment method.

If you have no outstanding spend on your advertiser account, you can remove a credit card by contacting our support team.

Declined payments

If your payment failed or your card is declined:

  • Check your email for more details about the declined payment
  • Make sure the card on file is one we accept
  • Confirm that your billing address and card address match
  • Contact your card company

If you resolve the issue with your bank or have another credit card you can use, change your billing information. Your ad campaign may be paused until we successfully process a payment.

How billing works

We charge you for accumulated spend for your active Promoted Pins on the first day of the following month, or when you reach your billing threshold, whichever comes first. You can prevent further spend by pausing your ads, which stops your Pins from serving.

Billing thresholds

A billing threshold is an amount of spend that, when reached, triggers a charge at the end of that day. 

When you first start advertising, your billing threshold will be set to a small amount. As you continue to make successful payments, your billing threshold will increase until it reaches a final threshold amount. At that point, you will either be charged when you reach the final threshold amount or on the first day of the following month, whichever comes first.

For example, your first billing threshold will be $50. Once your ad spend reaches $50, we’ll charge you at the end of that day. When your payment is successful, your balance will be cleared and we’ll raise your billing threshold to a higher amount as your ads continue to accumulate spend.

Billing frequency

In a given month, you may reach your billing threshold once, multiple times, or never, depending on your billing threshold and how much you’re spending on ads. If you don’t reach your threshold, you’ll be charged on the first day of the following month.

Keep in mind that when you hit a billing threshold, you’ll be charged for the total amount of spend up until the end of that day. The amount charged may be greater than the billing threshold.

View billing history and receipts

We’ll send a receipt to the billing email address on file after each charge. You can view your full billing history and download receipts from your billing details page

To view your billing details:

  1. When logged in to Pinterest, click your profile picture in the top right
  2. Click Billing
  3. To download receipts, click the receipt icon next to any line item

For more detailed information on your overall spend, see Manage your spend.

Manage your spend

You can manage your spend by viewing your monthly spend, stopping your ads, or setting spend limits.

View monthly spend

You can find your overall spend for the month in the “Overview” section of Ads Manager. The column on the far right of the page will show you your overall spend for the last 30 days.

Monthly spend in Ads Manager

To view your monthly spend:

  1. From Pinterest, click Ads next to the search bar
  2. Select Overview for your overall monthly spend
  3. Scroll down to see your spend for each campaign objective
  4. Click View all next to a campaign objective to see a detailed breakdown of spend by campaign, ad group, or Promoted Pin

Stop ads

Pause your campaigns, ad groups, or Promoted Pins at any time in Ads Manager to stop accruing costs. 

To pause ads:

  1. From Pinterest, click Ads next to the search bar
  2. Select the campaign type that you want to edit from the menu
  3. Click into the campaign, ad group, or Promoted Pin you want to edit
  4. Toggle the “Off/On” switch to pause

If you’re running a campaign with multiple ad groups, pausing one of those ad groups will stop running all the Promoted Pins within that ad group, but will not impact the other ad groups in that campaign.  If you stop running a campaign, you will pause all the ad groups within it.

Set daily or lifetime spend limits

Set daily or lifetime spend limits at the campaign level to guard against overspending. 

To edit your spend limit on existing campaigns:

  1. From Pinterest, click Ads next to the search bar
  2. From the menu, choose the campaign type to edit
  3. Find the campaign you want to edit and scroll all the way to the right in the campaign line
  4. Hover over the spend limit you want to change and click the pencil button
  5. Enter your new spend limit and click Save

Refunds and chargebacks

If you have questions about your charges, please contact our support team and we’ll review the charges with you.


As an advertiser you are responsible for your campaigns. When you agree to our terms of service, you authorize Pinterest to charge for your delivered ads. You can adjust your campaign setup and budget at any time to help manage your spend. 

Billing is generated after your services have been rendered, and standard charges are usually not eligible for a refund or credit.


The chargeback process is primarily designed to report and prevent fraud. Improper use of the program can put your credit card at risk of being suspended or closed.

If you think your card has been compromised or you have charges that you don’t recognize, report the fraud to your credit card company and Pinterest. 


When you create an account, you'll be asked to confirm that your tax status is “business.” Business status means that you would like to see an economic benefit from your advertising, such as increased revenue, sales, or signups. Affiliates, sole traders, self-employed merchants, partnerships, and others all qualify as businesses. Promoted Pins can only be used for business purposes.

VAT registration number

Most businesses are required to register for Value Added Tax (VAT) or Goods and Services Tax (GST). Once registered, they will receive a VAT or GST number under which they can collect and remit tax to the relevant tax authority. This number is an alphanumeric identifier unique to the person/entity doing business. A VAT or GST number is used to identify the tax status of a customer and also to identify the place of taxation.

The information provided by Pinterest in the Help Center should not be regarded as a substitute for obtaining tax advice. Pinterest cannot give advice about VAT.  If you have a question about VAT or GST registration, please contact your tax advisor or the appropriate tax authority.

VAT charges

Whether you're charged VAT or GST on your Pinterest ad purchases will depend on your country of residence.

If your business is established in Ireland, we'll add VAT at the applicable Irish rate to the costs of your purchases of Promoted Pins. The sale is therefore deemed to take place in Ireland for VAT purposes.

If you’re VAT 13b/56b exempt, please check the box in the “Tax information” section and provide your exemption number.  You will not be charged VAT.

If your business is established in another EU Member State (outside of Ireland), Irish VAT will not be charged on your purchase of Promoted Pins. The sale is deemed to take place outside of Ireland for VAT purposes. However, you’ll be required to provide your VAT ID and to self-account for VAT on the supply of our service at the rate applicable in your EU member state (in accordance with Article 44 and 196 of the Council Directive).

If your business is established outside of the EU, Irish VAT will not be charged on your purchase of Promoted Pins. The sale is deemed to take place outside of Ireland for VAT purposes. However, you’ll be required to provide your VAT or GST ID, and you may be required to self-account for VAT on the supply of our service at the rate applicable in your country.  Please check with your local tax authority.

Businesses not required to register for VAT

You can still set up an account with Pinterest if you are not required to register for VAT or GST and you have chosen not to. Indicate this by checking the box in the “Tax information” section and leave the Tax ID field blank.  You will need to provide a business address and confirm that your account is for business purposes.

To find out more information about who is obligated to register for VAT or GST or who may elect to register and the procedures for registration, please contact your local tax authority.

Update your VAT ID

You can update your VAT ID in your business settings.

To update your VAT ID:

  1. From anywhere on Pinterest, click Ads next to the search bar
  2. Select Business settings
  3. Scroll down to the “VAT ID” section 

A common mistake is to enter a tax number instead of a VAT registration number. EU VAT registration numbers start with a country-specific ID, followed by a maximum of 12 characters (numbers or letters). Visit the European Commission's website if you'd like to confirm your EU VAT registration number.

Australian businesses should enter their ABN (Australian Business Number), a unique 11 digit identifier.  

New Zealand businesses should enter their NZBN (New Zealand Business Number), a unique 13 digit identifier.

VAT or GST invoices

When your credit card is successfully charged, Pinterest will email an invoice to the billing email address associated with your account, typically within 48 hours of the transaction.  Our invoices are valid VAT invoices for tax purposes.

Tips and Troubleshooting

We’re using a secure, third party payments provider called Cybersource. We don’t store any of your payment information.