Block or unblock someone

You can block a person on Pinterest if you don't want them to interact with you anymore. 

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To block someone

  1. Go to his/her profile
  2. Click the flag to the right of their profile info
  3. Click Block
  4. Confirm that you want to block the person

What happens when you block someone

  1. You and the person you block can't follow each other or interact with each others' Pins (including liking, Pinning or commenting)
  2. We'll automatically remove any previous follows and comments between you and the person
  3. We'll block all other interactions

What doesn't happen when you block someone

  1. We won't automatically remove likes and/or Pins between you and the person—you can unlike Pins one by one
  2. We don't notify the person, but they will be alerted about the block if they try to follow you, interact with your Pins or invite you to a group board

When you block someone, you might see his/her boards and Pins in public areas such as search results, category feeds or group boards.

To unblock someone

  1. Go to his/her profile
  2. Click Unblock 

What happens when you unblock someone

  1. You and the other person can follow each other and interact with each other's Pins normally
  2. You and the other person can refollow one another's boards manually (we won't automatically refollow for you)
  3. We won't restore any of the comments you had on each other's Pins

No, we don't have a list of who you've blocked or those who've blocked you. 

You'll see an error that you've been blocked if you try to interact with someone who's blocked you. 

If you're seeing an error that you've been blocked by someone, it's most likely that your interaction with them was outside of their comfort zone. 

We want to make sure everyone's comfortable when using Pinterest—blocking's a simple way to allow Pinners to control the kinds of discussions or interactions they have on Pinterest.

Blocking doesn't necessarily mean you've violated our Terms of Service or our Acceptable Use Policy.

Tips and Troubleshooting

If you block someone, they can still see your public boards and Pins. If you have Pins that you want to keep private, try Pinning to a secret board.

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