Business best practices

Here are some best practices to help you along once you've set up your business account. Also, make sure to check out Pinterest for Business for tools and case studies from businesses like yours.

Add the Save button
Get to know your analytics
Grow your followers
Tell your company's story
Drive traffic to your website
Increase your reach

When the Save button is front and center on your website, people are more likely to share your stuff on Pinterest. This means more traffic for you and more people discovering your content.

Once someone saves something from your website, their followers will see the Pin and can click through to get back to your site. Other Pinners can also find these Pins in search results or categories.

Pinterest Analytics helps you understand how people are interacting with your Pins and your website.

You can use this information to tailor what you share on Pinterest, on your website or even in your store.

If you’re not seeing data in analytics, you don’t have any Pins from your website yet. Learn how to save Pins from your site

You can help people discover your business by:

  1. Saving regularly to your account—that way, more Pins will appear in your followers’ feeds and in search 

  2. Adding a follow button on your website and in your newsletter

  3. Following other people and saving Pins that relate to your business

Use your own Pinterest profile to showcase what inspires your brand or share your products with Pinners.

You can even invite people to any of your boards. Some of the best business boards have a mix of Pins from their own site and others that inspire their company.

When people discover your Pins, they can click through to visit your website.

Here are a few ways to boost that traffic:

  1. Enable Rich Pins for your site—Rich Pins have more information than regular Pins which encourages people to click through

  2. Add the Save button to make it easier for people to Pin from your website

  3. Promote your Pins

Make it easier for Pinners to discover your business on Pinterest by:

  1. Adding and claiming your website

  2. Filling out your profile

  3. Adding compelling and specific descriptions to your Pins

  4. Promote your Pins

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