Campaign structure

Ad campaigns have three levels:

  1. Campaign - highest level of the campaign hierarchy and houses ad groups

  2. Ad group - container for Promoted Pins

  3. Promoted Pin - the image and landing page of your ad



  • Setting up a campaign starts with determining your objective. Choose between optimizing towards traffic or for awareness.

  • At the campaign level, you can choose where your ads show on Pinterest and optionally set a campaign spend limit.


Ad group

  • Budget, bid, dates, and targeting are controlled for each ad group.

  • Multiple ad groups can be created within a single campaign.

  • You can use ad groups to manage your campaigns and create unique budgets to address different areas of your business, like regions, product lines, or target audiences.  With ad groups you can test performance against various targets and objectives without the need to create multiple campaigns.


Promoted Pin

  • The Promoted Pin is the ad that Pinners will see. Promoted Pins, which each have a unique destination URL and creative, sit within ad groups.  

  • Multiple Promoted Pins can be added to a single ad group.

  • You can test different Pins to see which variations in creative, title and description work best with your targeting.


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