Can't log in to Pinterest

If you're having trouble accessing your account, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to to make sure you're logged out
  2. Go to and find your account
  3. Click "Send a password reset email"
  4. Check the email account you use with Pinterest for a password reset email
  5. Follow the steps in the email to reset your password
  6. Log in to Pinterest with your new password

Quick tips

Logging in with a new device? 

If you’re still logged in on another device, you can change your email or password from that device.

Accidentally created a new account 

Use the steps above to log out of Pinterest, find the right account, and reset your password.

Forgot your Pinterest email 

Make sure you're logged out. Then, go to and search for email addresses you may have used.

We protected your account 

You just need to reset your password.

Visit our Login trouble article for more tips.