Circles on Pins

When you visit your home feed, you’ll notice each Pin has a small circle in the lower-right corner. When you find a Pin you love, just tap the circle to instantly see similar ideas without leaving your feed.

What are the circles on the Pins in my home feed for?

Just tap the circle that appears on any Pin in your home feed to see similar ideas, and instantly reshape your feed around whatever looks interesting.

Can I see a history of which Pins I’ve tapped the circle button on?

The circles were built to give you an easy way to see similar ideas in real time. For now, there is no way to review the history of what you’ve tapped.

How do I report a Pin?

You can long press any Pin and click the “...” to report it. You can also tap into the Pin and click the “...” in the top-right hand corner.

Can other people see which Pins I tap?

No, the Pins you tap are private and this information does not appear anywhere on Pinterest.

What happens to the rest of the Pins in my feed after I tap the circle on a Pin?

Tapping the circle simply pushes down the Pins in your feed and inserts related ideas inline. Just scroll down to see all your Pins.

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