Edit your account privacy

You have a few options to make your account more private.

Hide your account from search engines
Hide your Pins from other people
Disable posting to Facebook or Twitter
Unfollow Facebook Friends
Disable cookie-based personalization
To keep search engines like Google and Yahoo! from showing your Pinterest profile:
  1. Click your name at the top of Pinterest
  2. Click the gear menu, then settings
  3. Switch Search Privacy from No to Yes
  4. Click Save Settings
Although we can hide your profile, we can’t always hide your name, especially if others have saved your Pins. For extra privacy, you can change your name or use secret boards.
After you edit your privacy settings or name, it’ll take several weeks for the search engine to update those changes. If you’ve turned on the search privacy setting and you’re still seeing your profile in search results, you can ask Google to remove a page more quickly.

While you can’t completely hide your active account, you can use secret boards to keep all of your Pins hidden from other people. Only you can view your own secret boards (unless you invite another person).
Even if you delete your original Pins, the Pins (with your name) may still appear on Pinterest, especially if others have Pinned your Pins. For extra privacy, you can change your name.
You can turn a public board into a secret board. You can also move or copy a Pin to a secret board.
Learn more about creating secret boards.

The Post to option controls sharing Pins on Facebook or Twitter.
To disable “Post to Facebook” or “Post to Twitter”:
  1. Click Save on any Pin
  2. Uncheck Post to Facebook or Post to Twitter in the bottom left corner
  3. Save it to one of your boards

If you signed up with Facebook, you may have automatically followed some of your Facebook friends. Unfollowing these friends is easy, and no different than unfollowing any other person.
To unfollow Facebook friends:
  1. Go to your profile and click Following
  2. Toggle to People
  3. Tap the Unfollow button on the people you want to stop followingyou'll see the button change back to Follow.

To provide you with the most Pinteresting content, we use information from other sites you’ve visited or apps you’ve used. Some of our advertisers also share information with us to help us customize Pinterest for you.
We value people's right to privacy, and we give you the option to turn these features off. 
To turn off personalization:
  1. Go to your profile and click the gear menu, then settings
  2. Under Personalization, change both of the following settings to No:
    • Also use sites you’ve visited recently?
    • Also use info from our ad partners?
  3. Click Save Settings
Learn more about how we use cookies and information from our advertisers.