Fix a Promoted Pins problem

Are you having trouble with your Promoted Pins? isn't loading
I don't see the Pin I want to promote
I don't see data in my dashboard
My Promoted Pin isn't getting any impressions
The clicks I’m tracking don’t match Pinterest's numbers
I want to stop running my Promoted Pin
My Promoted Pin wasn't approved
My Promoted Pin is showing up in categories and searches for terms I didn’t select
I don’t know how much Promoted Pins cost
Why can't I create new campaigns?
Bot traffic on my site

Make sure that you've turned off all ad blockers on your browser. You may also want to clear your cache and cookies

For now, you won’t be able to promote:
  • GIF Pins
  • Pins on secret boards
  • Pins with link shorteners
  • Pins that you don't have the rights to (for more information, read our business terms of service)
  • Pins that don't have a linked URL, for example, Pins that link to an image (If you uploaded your Pin, you can edit its destination URL by going to Pinterest and clicking Edit on your Pin. Just add the URL in the "Source" field and click Save when you’re done!)
  • Pins that link to YouTube, Vimeo, or any other 3rd party video platform. You can only promote video pins that are hosted on

Campaign performance data will show on the dashboard with an approximately 3 hour delay.  Learn more about viewing campaign data here.

Conversion data is only available for daily metrics.

Delivery is based on a combination of your bid and Pin performance. To increase impressions, try increasing your bid and and make sure your targeting isn't too narrow. You can also test multiple Promoted Pin creatives to see which perform best. 

You also might want to check the status of your Promoted Pin to make sure we approved it.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Businesses set up their own custom tracking codes, and many analytics services define visits differently
  • Sometimes businesses use Javascript, which some browsers don't support. Javascript may also not track visitors in a timely way
  • We strip spiders, crawlers and search engines from our data

Sure, no problem! Stop your campaign, ad group, or Promoted Pin at any time.

When your ad is disapproved, you'll receive an email with some info about the specific policy issue. You can read a little more about those policies on our Advertising Standards page. Once you make changes to your ad, we'll review it again.
If you think we disapproved your ad by mistake, or if you just want some clarification, let us know!

When you include keywords for your Promoted Pin, we automatically use broad match to expand upon those keywords and help you reach more people. This means that your Promoted Pin may also show up in search results for related keywords, as well as singular, plural and root word variations of the original keyword.

When you indicate interests in your targeting, your Promoted Pin will always get in front of people who have an affinity for those interests, as they’re browsing their home and topic feeds. Keep in mind that if you don’t add interests to your Promoted Pins, we’ll use your keywords to determine who sees your Promoted Pins in home and topic feeds. We optimize your Promoted Pins to ensure they’re shown to the most qualified audience.

If you only want to target your specific keywords, get in touch with us.

Promoted Pins don’t have a minimum cost. Instead, your cost per click, cost per engagement, or cost per thousand impressions will vary based on your targeting, bid and other factors. Learn more.

We use a second-price auction model, this means you’ll only be charged $.01 more than the next highest bidder in the auction. You won't necessarily pay the full amount that you bid, you might actually see your average cost per click or engagement lower than your initial bid. 

Within a campaign, budget type (i.e. daily vs lifetime) and budget amount are set at each ad group.  However, you can set a lifetime spend cap at the campaign level if you want to ensure a maximum amount of spend.

If you have multiple campaigns, it’s possible that you could spend up to the total combined budgets for each of your campaigns.

We have a limit of 2,000 active campaigns. If you're having issues creating new campaigns, please check to make sure you have fewer than 2,000 campaigns currently active. You can pause existing campaigns and make room for new ones, or you can add new Promoted Pins to existing campaigns. 

You may notice some bot traffic from Pinterest, however bot traffic is never charged to advertisers, nor accounted for in Promoted Pin reporting. Pinterest only charges for registered user clicks, which does not include bots.