Graphic violence

We don’t allow gory or violent Pins if they are shared gratuitously or for personal entertainment. If you see this kind of stuff on Pinterest, report it to us.

There may be legitimate reasons to save violent imagery, including raising awareness or having an interest in historical events. These don't violate our policies, but not all people will be comfortable seeing them because of their graphic nature. We may make this content less visible in places people might not expect to see it.

Remember your home feed is full of Pins from things you follow, and Pins we picked for you. If you don’t want to see certain Pins in your home feed, you can unfollow those people or boards. To give us feedback on “Picked for you” Pins, click "..." at the bottom of the Pin. 

You can always block people if you don’t want to see their Pins. 

What’s not considered graphic violence?

  • Pictures of guns
  • Halloween makeup
  • Campaigns against animal abuse