We don't allow accounts that mislead or deceive others. We may update, transfer or permanently suspend accounts that do so.
If someone’s pretending to be you (for example, by using your profile picture), we want to hear about it. Click Get in touch with us at the bottom of the page and send us:
  1. The Pinterest profile URL you're worried about
  2. Your authentic Pinterest profile, if you have one
  3. Any other info we can use to verify your identity, like a Facebook or Twitter profile
When we look into reports of impersonation, we're checking to see whether a profile is actually pretending to be someone else. We'll consider the profile information, Pin descriptions, comments and board titles. 
Remember, sometimes a user might share the same name as you or have a similar username, but might not necessarily be impersonating you. If that’s the case, that account might not be violating our Acceptable Use Policy.
You can also report profiles impersonating well-known public figures using this same process.
Do you need to claim a trademark username?
If you represent a company, brand or organization and you want to claim a username or report content for trademark reasons, check out our Trademark page