Limits and blocks

We have some limits in place to stop spammers, but sometimes they hit regular people too. We're working to fix these limits so we stop spammers without affecting real people. We're sorry for any trouble! 

You can't log in because of suspicious activity
We found a bot on your network
You're blocked from doing things on Pinterest
If you got an error message that you're logging in too frequently, wait 5-30 minutes before trying again.
If you got an error that your login was blocked because of suspicious activity, then:
  1. We may have blocked logins from your IP address. This block is meant to stop spam, but sometimes it can affect people in coffee shops or offices where many people log in at the same time. Just wait 5-30 minutes before trying again.
  2. We may have blocked all logins from your area. We'll do this to stop a known spam attack. 

What's a bot?
If you're seeing a "We've detected a bot!" message when trying to use Pinterest, we've blocked you because we detected an automated bot on your network.
A bot is a computer program made to automatically scrape, crawl and/or attack Pinterest.
Why doesn't Pinterest allow bots?
Bots can slow down Pinterest for other people and they may even be malicious. Because of this, we don't allow bots. You can learn more in our Acceptable Use Policy.
What you can do
If you're not running a bot, you might share a network with someone who is or you might be connected to Pinterest on someone else's network. This is common with corporate VPNs, proxy services and hosted web applications like Amazon EC2 and Google App Engine. Try getting to Pinterest from a different internet connection. 

Blocks usually happen when you do one thing too quickly or frequently. You might hit a block if you:
  • Log in a lot
  • Comment on Pins very quickly (especially if you include a link)
  • Post the same comment many times (especially if you include a link)
  • Follow lots of people quickly
  • Add or save Pins very quickly (especially if you add lots of Pins from the same website)
  • Use a link shortener or a redirect, like 
To prevent future blocks:
  1. Wait 30 minutes to 24 hours before trying again
  2. Try not to use link-shorteners or redirects—save Pins from the original source, and if you need to include a link in a comment or description, try to use the full one

Tips and Troubleshooting

Most limits are removed automatically within 24 hours. This does not include network bot warnings - these will not be removed until the issue is resolved.

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