Pin stats

You can easily review basic performance metrics right on your Pins. These insights can help you make quicker decisions about which Pins are working best and create similar Pins in the future.

When you visit your Pinterest for Business profile, you’ll see an icon with a preview of your Pin’s total engagements below the image. Click on this icon—or the one that appears in the upper left corner of your Pin—to reveal more info, including how many times your Pin has appeared on Pinterest (total impressions), and the number of closeups, clicks and saves your Pin received. 

These Pin stats will help you evaluate the lifetime effectiveness of the content you’ve created. You'll see activity for your Promoted Pins  reflected in the stats of the original Pin you promoted. When someone saves with your Pin, your stats will reflect that save, but you won’t see any of the additional activity that new, saved version of the Pin gets.

These individual stats are only available only on the Pins themselves, and only you can see them.

pin stats

When you visit your home feed, you’ll see a snapshot of your profile metrics in the upper left corner.  This snapshot includes all the Pins you’ve saved, the boards you’ve created and your monthly views (the total number of people who saw your profile Pins in the last 30 days). Only you can see this monthly view metric.

profile metrics