Pincodes for your profile and boards

Pincodes are special codes you can create to help unlock your curated boards and profile on Pinterest. Pinners can use Pincodes to learn more about what inspires them in their daily lives by scanning the code to be taken to your content on Pinterest. Pincodes are free of charge.

Pincodes can be created for your boards or your profile on either your desktop browser or the Pinterest app. Save the Pincode to your camera roll or computer and share it so people can find you and your ideas on Pinterest.

  • To create a Pincode for your profile, tap on your profile image to see your profile Pincode.

  • To generate a Pincode for your boards while using a desktop browser, click on the three dots above your board name and select “Create Pincode”. On the Pinterest App, generate a Pincode for your boards by tapping on the board share button.

Board Pincodes will use a Pin image in the center of the Pincodes – these images help provide people a reference to what they will see when scanning the code. To modify the Pin image you’d like to display in the middle of the Pincode, generate a Pincode for the board in question and click on the option to “change image”.

When displaying your Pincode, the circular part of a Pincode should be a minimum of ~1.5 inches in diameter to be reliably scannable. Also keep in mind, if you’re printing the Pincode on a physical object, you’ll want to print the Pincode on a surface in a way that it will be legible.

Make sure you own the rights to the image for your Pincode, as with any other Pin you create on Pinterest.

Pincode example:

pincode example