Pinterest Analytics trouble

Are you having trouble with your analytics? What seems to be the problem?

You're not seeing your data in Pinterest Analytics
You’re not seeing data from the Save Button on your website
You’re seeing more clicks than other analytics tools
You can’t track how your Rich Pins are doing
It can take up to 48 hours for data to load on Pinterest, so the most recent data won’t show. 
If you just converted to a business account, we can show data from after you converted to a business account, not from before. New data should start loading after two days and you should see a full week's worth of data in 10 days. 
You also might not see any data if there hasn’t been a significant volume of Pins coming from your website. Another reason why you might not have data is if your verified website redirects to another URL. For example, if you verified and your page redirects to

Data will only be recorded if you are using the official Pinterest Save button. If you aren’t seeing data, this might mean that your site is using a third-party Save button. 

It's normal to see more clicks than other analytics tools because we're tracking clicks, not visits. It’s also possible for a person to go to your site and leave before your website analytics tracking code can record the visit. Check with your analytics provider if you see any discrepancies. 

Currently, we only show top Pins from the last 30 days. Rich Pins are marked with an ‘R’ icon in the right column of your top Pins list.