Pinterest Lens

Lens lets you discover ideas inspired by anything you point your Pinterest camera at. Point it at an ingredient to discover recipes, or Lens someone’s streetstyle to find ways to bring the look to life for yourself.

Use Lens

When you’re out in the world and spot something that looks interesting:

  1. Open the Pinterest app and tap the camera up by the Search bar.
  2. Pinch to zoom, or tap on a specific object to focus your search—you can even Lens photos from your camera roll.
  3. Tap the button to snap a picture and discover related ideas.

 Tips for better Lens results:

  • Turn on the flash by tapping the lightning bolt icon in the upper-right corner.

  • Hold your camera steady to improve clarity

  • Tap the circle to focus your camera on the object.


Common Questions

Why does Pinterest ask for access to my camera roll?

When you give Lens permission to use your camera roll, you can discover ideas inspired by photos you took earlier. You can also create Pins from your photos and screenshots.

Can other people see what I Lens?

No, your search activity with Lens is private.

Will the pictures I take with Lens be saved to my camera roll?

No, photos you take with Lens aren’t saved to your camera roll. However you can save them as Pins. 

Can I see my previous searches?

Yes! Your previous Lenses live in the lower-left corner of your Lens home screen.