Promoted Pin Tips

Refer to this best practice guide on how to set up your campaign for success. Here are some additional tips on how to stay on track with your Promoted Pin goals:
Create great Pins
Increase your Promoted Pin delivery
Make your targeting more relevant
Stay on budget
Preparing your Pins for ad review
The best Promoted Pins on Pinterest are helpful, beautiful and actionable. You can download our creative guide to learn how to make great Promoted Pins.

If you are seeing very few total impressions on your Promoted Pins, here are some things you can try to increase your ad delivery:

  • Include related interests to reach Pinners who could also be interested in your business. For instance, if you are promoting kid-friendly snacks, try targeting people who are interested in “parenting” or “kids”.
  • To see more volume in search, add a minimum of 20-30 keywords per ad group.
  • Increase your bids to make your Promoted Pins more competitive with other businesses targeting the same audience. 
  • Ensure you’re running ads on mobile since most people use Pinterest on their mobile devices.
  • Keep creative fresh to see what resonates with your audience.  

Pinterest uses click through rate and engagement rate to determine how relevant an ad is. View these targeting metrics in the Ads Manager by looking at your ad group or Promoted Pin level details. To improve your relevancy: 
  • Remove keywords and interests that have low click through rates (for traffic campaigns) or engagement rates (for engagement campaigns). 
  • Look at the keywords and interests that resulted in the highest click through rates or engagement rates and edit your Pin to add new terms to make your ad more relevant.

Here are some tips to stay on budget:
  • Set an end date for your ad group(s).
  • For daily budgets, make sure your ad group budgets makes sense for the amount you’re willing to spend. To make sure you’re staying on budget for a campaign, do this simple calculation: Daily budget x duration of your campaign = the maximum amount you are willing to spend on that Promoted Pin campaign.

Learn about how to set different budget types here.

Before picking a Pin to promote or submitting your Promoted Pin, check our Ad Standards to make sure that your ad is approved during our 24 hour review process.