Promoted Video with Autoplay

Promoted Video with autoplay allows people to discover your brand through sight, sound and motion in all the places they look for ideas; homefeed, search, and related pins.
Video is available in two different formats: standard width and max width. You will be able to promote both through an Advertising Marketing Partner or directly through ads manager. You can upload both formats via the video uploader accessible through and as long as your account has a valid billing profile set up.
Promoted Video at max width is video format that displays your content at max width on mobile, spanning across Pinterest’s home feed, search results and related Pins. With a larger canvas for video storytelling (at 16:9 widescreen or 1:1 square aspect ratios), this product can help you drive awareness and impact on Pinterest.
Promoted Video at max width is an addition to our existing video offering and works just like our standard Promoted Video with autoplay product, with some exceptions:
  • Pricing: Auction CPM with a minimum of $9 bid
  • Creative spec: Required aspect ratio of 16:9 or 1:1 (no vertical video)
  • Users can initiate audio in-feed by tapping the audio icon or toggling their volume button. Otherwise, audio will be enabled upon closeup, defaulting to the user’s settings.
How it Works
A Promoted Video will autoplay infeed when it’s 50% in view.  The user can then tap to closeup on the video and watch it in a larger view with sound on based on the user’s device settings.  The video will loop in feed, it will not loop in closeup.  The user can hit play to watch the video again in closeup.
  • Standard Width: iphone, android phone, ipad, and android tablet only. No desktop or mobile web.
  • Max Width: iphone and android phone only. No android tablet, ipad, desktop, or mobile web.
  • Standard Width: $6 CPM price floor (this will be converted to local currencies)
  • Max Width: $9 price floor (this will be converted to local currencies)
  • Standard Width: iphone, android phone, ipad, and android tablet only. No desktop or mobile web.
  • Max Width: iphone and android phone only. No android tablet, ipad, desktop, or mobile web.
We only accept H.264 encoding at this time, if you encounter an unknown error while uploading, please check to make sure your video is encoded correctly.

Video Creative Specs
All promoted videos will be held to the Standard ad guidelines.
File type .mp4 or .mov
Codec All files should be H.264 encoded
Max size 2GB
Length Minimum 4 Seconds, Maximum 30 minutes
(Max Width Only) Aspect Ratio Only Square 1:1 or Horizontal 16:9
Up to 500 characters
*The Pin description will only show up upon closeup
**If your video ran with closed captioning on TV, then it will also need to run with closed captioning on Pinterest.  To achieve that, make sure your closed captioning is burned into your video
Best Practices
Media best practices: Include video retargeting in every campaign to increase frequency which is a critical driver of brand lift and offline sales
Creative best practices:
Resolution Minimum 240ppi
Frame rate Minimum of 25fps
Aspect ratio
Standard Width: Recommended square (1:1) or vertical (9:16)
Max Width: ONLY square (1:1) or horizontal 16:9
Length 6-20 seconds "How-to" content can extend longer.
  • Videos should start strong - lead with a clear hook within the first few seconds to capture people's attention as they are in a planning mindset.
  • Beautiful branding - branded content on Pinterest is credible and actionable.  Show your logo or product clearly in the video.
  • Play with possibilities - the top 2 ways to show the possibilities of your brand are storytelling videos that captive and how-to content to turn ideas into action.
  • Show, don’t say - Pinterest is a visual platform - show your brand’s message through motion vs. relying on audio or dialogue.

Video Specific Metrics Definitions
See below for list of video specific metrics; These are only available daily (not hourly). Impressions, Spend, etc. are available hourly for video campaigns.
Impression Ad was shown
Video View 2 continuous seconds at 50% in view. This does not necessarily have to occur at the first 2 seconds (MRC Standard)
Quartile Watched The number of times a video is watched to 25%, 50%, 75%, 95%, 100% of its length, including watches that skip to this point
Video average watch time Time spent watching the video including seeks and loops aggregated across all video starts (not just MRC views) divided by total video starts
CPV (cost per MRC view) Total spend divided by total MRC Video Views (2-second, 50% viewability video view)
CUR Closeup Rate (closeups/paid impressions)
CPM Cost per 1,000 impressions
Standard Pinterest metrics Clicks, saves, close ups
CPCV 95% Cost per completed view watched at 95%
CPCV 100% Cost per completed view watched at 100%
Campaign Set Up
Campaign creation flow for both standard and max width video follow the same process. Note that standard width videos and max width videos must be set up as different campaigns.
Launch your promoted video with autoplay campaign in four easy steps:
  1. Upload a video.
  2. Create a video views objective campaign, selecting either standard video or max width.
  3. Create an ad group, Remember, the CPM floor for max width is $9, and the floor for standard width is $6.
  4. and Promote a pin! (See below for exhaustive instructions with screenshots.)
How do I set up a promoted video campaign?
I’m getting a video upload error, what should I check?
Is my Pin guaranteed to show up at the top of the feed? Is this a guaranteed fixed placement?
How/where can I upload a video?
Can I have more than one Promoted Video on a board?
Can I use bulk editor with Promoted Video?
Can I use protected boards?
What is the turnaround time for launching a Promoted Video?
What are the different metrics and reporting considerations? (Conversions, Engagement, Views)
What can you retarget Promoted Videos off of?
What do I get billed on?
Can you turn the phone to get a horizontal video to play in full screen?
Can I promote 3rd party hosted video?
Is there a way to include closed captions or text overlays?
Any plans for being able to bid/buy on a CPV?
What is the limit on videos on the screen at once?
What do video pins look like when they are repinned?
Is there a minimum buy associated with max width?
Can I use the same creative for Promoted Video at standard width and Promoted Video at max width?
Will there be organic video at max width?
Is the max width format available for CPC, One-tap, App Install?
Will my creative be cropped to the max width ratios?

  1. Videos must be uploaded (as organic Pins) before the campaign is created. Upload a video by hovering over the ‘+’ button while on or and clicking on upload video. Max width video will only show as max width when promoted. On your board (or after it is saved by a user), the organic pin will be shown as standard width. Videos will not autoplay on desktop, they will only autoplay on mobile.Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 6.22.05 PM.png
  2. This will take you to the video uploader. The dialogue box will prompt you to choose your video file and upload the video to a specific board. Once the video has been successfully uploaded, check the board to make sure you see it
  3. Make sure you’re in the default new UI flow. Create a campaign and select ‘video views’ as the campaign objective. Be sure to toggle either standard video or max width format when in the campaign view. This is the only way to denote whether the campaign will be max width or standard. Note that standard width videos and max width videos must be set up as different campaigns. Fill in the campaign details. 
  4. After filling out the campaign information, you will be prompted to fill out the ad group details. If you are promoting a max width video, choose iphone and android phone. Remember, the CPM floor for max width is $9, and the floor for standard width is $6. Bid guidance is available as well.Autoplay2.png
  5. Pick your video pin Autoplay3.png*For max width campaigns, only videos that have the correct aspect ratio will appear in the ‘pick a pin’ section.  Make sure the video you select for max width is either 16:9 or 1:1 aspect ratio. If you try to search for a pin that does not have the correct aspect ratio you will get the error message below. If this happens, just go back and choose the video with the correct aspect ratio to promote.
  6. [Optional] Name your promoted pin
  7. To finish, click 'Promote Pin' Autoplay4.png

Your video may not be encoded correctly. To check, open your video file with your preferred program (e.g Quicktime) and inspect the file format and encoding.

If the codec format/encoding type is not H.264 you will need to re-encode your video file to upload to Pinterest.

No. We serve ads in the most relevant places to people which can include slots lower in the feed. VIdeo pins will compete in the auction along with our other products. Placement is not guaranteed.

Your advertiser account will need to have a valid billing profile set up in order for you to upload videos on or pinterest.comScreen Shot 2017-08-30 at 11.28.03 PM.png

You can upload a video through the large, red ‘+’ sign at the top right of the page next to your account name. From there, you can click ‘upload video’. Clicking the button will take you to your desktop or download folder, where you can choose the .mp4 or .mov file you would like to upload. Ads Manager will provide prompts to save, add descriptions, and destination URLs from there!


You cannot use bulk editor to upload videos, however, you can use it to set up and edit campaigns to then upload video to later.

Bulk Editor for video pins

You can use the bulk editor to create video campaigns.You will not be able to upload a video pin through the bulk editor, this step needs to be completed through the UI (steps below). To create a video campaign via bulk, please fill out the details below:

  1. Set campaign objective type to video

  2. Set creative type to either standard_video or max_video. If you leave the creative type blank, it will default to standard.

You will not be able to edit standard video campaigns to become max width video campaigns using bulk and vice versa.

Bulk Editor for App install video campaigns

You can use bulk editor to create video app install campaigns. Please fill out the below details in order to do this. Note that underscores are required.

  1. Set campaign objective type to App_Install.

  2. Set creative type to App.

  3. Make sure the pin URL is set to a video pin.

    1. If you leave creative type blank (and not set it to app), it will still work and you will be able to create a campaign.

    2. If you set creative type to standard_video or max_video, you will get an error.

​If you need to create a protected board for launch, please find the steps here.

Your ad takes 12 hours to review and is eligible to serve if approved

Does video have conversion reporting? 

  • Video campaigns will have impression, click, and engagement conversion reporting.

Is an MRC view counted only when a user clicks on the pin to close up or when it autoplays in feed?

  • An MRC video view can be counted in the feed and in close up. As long as the video is viewed 2 continuous seconds, at 50% in view.

For a quartile to be considered watched does it need to be clicked into or will it count as long as it's watched anywhere on the screen/homefeed/etc?

  • Video views are measured in the feed and in closeup.

Will there be an option to pull 3 second, 100% in view or just 2 second, 50% view for now?

  • At this time, we are following the MRC standards, which is 2 continuous seconds at 50% in view.

Do views count as engagement?

  • Views are tracked separately and are not counted as an engagement. Clicks, saves and closeups are counted as engagements.

Do we breakout views from in-feed and closeup?

  • No, we don’t.

Quartile watched:

  • Less than 25% of the video viewed
  • At least 25% viewed
  • At least 50% viewed
  • At least 75% viewed
  • 100% complete

You are billed based on an auction CPM model. A CPM model enables you the greatest amount of reach to distribute your message.


No, you can only promote videos directly uploaded to pinterest using the red plus button in your advertiser account. See above for our accepted video specs.

You can include text overlays and closed captioning in your video file.  Closed caption needs to be burned into the file. This will not be automatically provided by Pinterest.

Not at this time.

Only one video ad will play at a time. Organic and promoted videos can be played at the same time.

They autoplay on the board on mobile.

No, this will be open in the auction at any budget level.

A: Square (1:1) aspect ratio will work for both formats. Max width video requires the aspect ratio to be square or 16:9. See aspect ratios below

At launch, max width video will only be for Promoted Videos (no organic). This means that the only time videos will show up at max width is in the Promoted state. When videos are saved on the partners board or if a Pinner saves it after viewing it, it will default to the standard width.

No. There are plans to eventually build out these offerings, but it is not currently an option.

No, there will not be any automatic cropping of the videos. If the video is not to spec for max width (16:9 or 1:1), it simply won’t show up in the ads manager flow when a max width campaign is created.