Protecting your account

We take privacy and security very seriously at Pinterest. When we see suspicious activity on an account, we put the account in safe mode and contact the account’s owner.

About suspicious activity

Sometimes hackers get access to real people’s accounts by using emails and passwords obtained through breaches of other websites. Once we detect this activity, we will restrict your account activity or block access to the account until you reset your password or reconnect via Facebook or Google+.

How to keep your account safe

  • Choose a strong password
    • Choose a password that’s hard to guess, and uses a mix of capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols
    • Don’t use the same password for multiple websites
    • Don’t share your password with anyone—we’ll never ask you for it
  • ​​Turn on two-factor authentication
    • Once you turn it on, we'll text you with a code when you log in to Pinterest from anywhere new. Without access to your phone, no one can access your account
  • Update your email
    • Make sure the email address you use for Pinterest is up-to-date
    • Check for emails from Pinterest—that’s how we’ll send you important account and privacy alerts