What's shared with sellers?

What information is shared with sellers and what do they do with it?
When you buy something on Pinterest using your credit card, we share your credit card info, contact info, and other details about the transaction with the seller you’re buying from. If you use Apple Pay, your credit card number isn’t shared with the seller, but contact and transaction information is still shared.
Sellers use this info to process your purchase, and also treat it just as if you had made a purchase from their website directly. This means their privacy policies and marketing policies apply to the info we share with them. For example, if they’d normally sign you up for updates on sales they’re having, you’d also get those by buying from them through Pinterest.
For more information on the practices of many of our merchant partners, see below. If you don’t see the merchant you’re buying from on the list, please visit their website to find their privacy policy. And for more information about how we use and share information from your purchases, see our Privacy Policy.
Cole Haan
Ethan Allen
Gardeners's Supply Co.
Kate Spade
Neiman Marcus
Tory Burch