Selling on Pinterest

Buyable Pins are Pins that allow people to find and buy your products on Pinterest. Right now, they’re only available to a select group of retail partners and U.S. merchants with Pinterest business accounts.
How do Buyable Pins work?
How can I apply to sell on Pinterest?
Where are my Buyable Pins?
What if I wasn’t approved?
Who owns the customer relationship?
How do I make my Buyable Pins more discoverable?
I updated my product images - why aren't my Pins updating on Pinterest?
Can I promote my Buyable Pins?
How do I track the performance of my Promoted Buyable Pins?
Where did my Shop board go?
After a merchant is approved for Buyable Pins, people on Pinterest will see Pins with a “Add to bag” button that links back to the merchant’s store. When people choose to buy a product on Pinterest, order details and payment information are sent to the merchant for processing.
With this architecture, we’re able to provide a frictionless checkout experience right on Pinterest while still allowing the merchant to own the end-to-end customer relationship.

Buyable Pins are supported for merchants on select commerce platforms. If you’re on one of our supported platforms and want to use Buyable Pins, follow these steps: 
  1. Review our policies to see if your business is eligible
  2. Create a Pinterest business account, or convert your personal account
  3. Apply for Buyable Pins via Shopify or BigCommerce.

After being approved as a merchant, Pins on your public boards that link back to specific product pages enabled for Buyable Pins will appear with the "Add to bag" button. Besides your profile, Buyable Pins can be discovered through all of the usual ways -- in the home feed, in category feeds, in search results, and on boards of people who have saved your products.

A few things you can expect after being approved

  1. After receiving an email confirming that your store has been approved for Buyable Pins, you'll start seeing Buyable Pins appear on your Pinterest profile on your protected products board ( This board will contain all your Buyable Pins and is hidden from your profile. A few things to keep in mind: 

    1. It may take 3-5 days for your Pins to appear as Buyable. 

    2. Make sure that you are Pinning your products from actual product pages not just general category pages. The easiest way to add your products to Pinterest is with the Save button for browsers. As a best practice, we recommend saving products (especially your bestselling products) to your public boards so that people can find those Pins when they visit your profile.

    3. Pinterest only accepts variants that are pattern, size, color, and material. If you offer any other product variants, those Pins will not appear Buyable. 

  2. If you don't see a protected products board when going to the above URL (with your specific username), make sure the website on your Pinterest account settings matches the primary domain you set on your e-commerce store. It may take 5 days for all of your Buyable Pins to appear.

  3. Any products that did not already exist as Pins on Pinterest when you were approved for Buyable Pins will be sent to a protected _products board. This is a hidden board that is only accessible via the URL: The Pins on your _products board are eligible to be surfaced in search results and people's home/category feeds. Please do not edit or delete the _products board in any way, as this will break the sync between Pinterest and your e-commerce platform, and any new products you add to your store will not automatically update on Pinterest. This board will update every 1-2 days with any new products you add to your store. As a best practice, we recommend saving Pins (especially your bestsellers) from your _products board to your public boards on Pinterest so anyone who visits your profile can see them.

After you’ve applied for Buyable Pins, you’ll receive an email from your e-commerce platform on the status of your application. If you haven’t received an email yet, this means that your store is still on the waitlist.
If your Buyable Pins application was disapproved, please review our policies to make sure your store is eligible for Buyable Pins. 
Some common reasons for application disapproval include:
Your business, website and/or products.
  • Your business either focuses on products or services that our Advertising Rules don’t allow, or contains customizable products
  • Your business does not currently meet our transaction quality standards
  • Your website is not available or requires a login
  • Your products lead to 404 errors
Your Pinterest profile.
  • Your Pinterest profile picture is not reflective of your business
  • Your Pins contain misspellings, excessive capitalization, or excessive symbol use
  • Your Pins contain unacceptable language or content our Ad Rules define as shocking, sensational, or overtly sexual
If you review our policies and think we made a mistake, you can appeal your disapproval by contacting us.

Merchants with Buyable Pins are the merchant of record and own the relationship with the customer. Merchants are responsible for the customer relationship after a purchase is made, including fulfillment and customer service. Pinterest provides the discovery and purchase experience of Buyable Pins.

After being approved for Buyable Pins, download the Pinterest browser button on desktop, and save the best-selling products from your website to your Pinterest boards. Add Pin descriptions that describe your products in detail and tell people how to use them. After adding your products to Pinterest with the browser button, log into your business profile to view your Buyable Pins on your boards. 

Make sure that you have high quality product images and implement the Save button on your product landing pages to encourage shoppers to save more Buyable Pins to their boards.

If you added images to the same product page as your old image, we will add the new images in the carousel of images when you click into the Buyable Pin. However, the first image on the Pin will remain the same because the first image is always the image that was selected when the Pin was first saved or created. Unfortunately, we will not be able to override or update the first image on this Pin.

If you completely changed the image on your product page, we will automatically create a new Pin with this new image. However, your old image Pin will continue to exist on Pinterest (with the new image added to it). If you own the Pin (it was not saved by someone else), you can manually delete it from Pinterest. Unfortunately, if someone already saved your old image we won't be able to delete their Pin. We'll always switch the image to be the correct product image you designated in your store during the checkout flow.

If you do not own the Pin and think that the first image is misleading, you should create a separate product page with the new image (instead of replacing the old image), then deactivate the old product page so that the Pin with the old image will no longer appear buyable.

Just as you can with regular Pins, you can pay to promote your Buyable Pins. Depending on your goals, you can run engagement or traffic campaigns. 

These resources will help you get the most out of your Buyable Pins: 

You can now track the on-site performance of your promoted Buyable Pins in Ads Manager. Note that our reporting only shows transactions that happen directly on Pinterest; you won’t see reporting for conversions that happen on other sites. 

To view your on-site conversions, first export your data from either the Campaign or Promoted Pin level by clicking the export data button in the upper right corner. Your data will open in an excel file. Refer to the “Total Buyable Pins in-app checkouts” and “Total Buyable Pins in-app checkout value” columns to see the right information. 

For more information on ads reporting, refer to our help center article.

We recently removed the automatically-created Shop board from profiles, but you can still find your Buyable Pins on your protected products board ( Your products board has all the Buyable Pins we’ve synced from your store and is hidden from your profile. Your protected products board is your sync between Pinterest and your e-commerce platform, so make sure you don’t edit or delete it.

If you’d like people to see your Buyable Pins, be sure to save them to your public boards. Don't worry, people will always be able to find your Buyable Pins on Pinterest, whether you move your products to your public boards or not.