Set up your business profile

Whether you’re an established brand, a non-profit organization, or a blogger, you can join Pinterest for free as a business. You can make a new business profile or convert your current one. 

We have two sets of terms—one for people and one for businesses. If you're using Pinterest for business purposes or as part of how you make a living, you should sign up for a business profile and agree to our Business Terms of Service

Right now, business and personal profiles have similar features, but business profiles have access to Pinterest Analytics. If you sign up as a business, you'll get updates on future products and services we build for businesses as well.

Learn how to:

Make a brand new business profile
Convert your personal account to a business profile
Find an existing business profile
Add additional advertising accounts to your Pinterest business profile
  1. If you have a personal profile, log out of it
  2. Go to Pinterest for Business and click Join as a Business
  3. Fill out details about your business and the person who'll manage the profile
  4. Read and accept our Business Terms of Service and click Create Account

  1. Log in to your profile
  2. Follow this link to convert to a business account 
  3. Fill out your information and click Done

Converting to a business profile will not affect your Pins, boards, and followers.

To find an existing Pinterest profile, search for your business, then click on the ‘People' tab to view profile results.

You can set up as many as 10 ad accounts for your business profile.  Businesses use additional ad accounts to:

  • Support multiple currencies – a billing country and its corresponding currency can be set for each of the new ad accounts (learn more about the countries and currencies we support here)

  • Support multiple payment methods – a different payment method can be applied to each account

  • Improve organization – you can separate campaigns running under your ad accounts by region, strategy, etc.

Keep in mind, if you don't need more than one account to run your business, it'll be easier for you to manage just one account.

How to set up new ad accounts

  1. In the upper right corner, you’ll see the name of the ad account you’re viewing.  Click on the ad account name, and in the dropdown that appears, select Create new ad account.

  2. Enter a name for the new ad account (you can edit this later) and select the country you’d like to associate to the new ad account.  The country selected determines the currency your campaigns will be charged in.  Click on Set up billing.

  3. Add a payment option to your new ad account.  Read more about billing & payment here.

  4. You’re done!  You can now run campaigns on your new ad account.

Note: If you want to track conversions or target specific audiences, you need to set-up a separate Pinterest Tag and create audiences for each of your ad accounts.


Tips and Troubleshooting

Visit Pinterest for Business to learn about businesses on Pinterest, including viewing case studies and installing website widgets and buttons

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