Now if you have a business account on Pinterest, your profile includes a rotating showcase that lets you highlight your boards.

You can use the new showcase space to highlight anything from seasonal content to your all-time best ideas—whatever helps tell the unique story of your business.

Showcase is on all platforms (iOS, Android, desktop web) but only editable on desktop web.

How can I customize my showcase?
Do I have to feature content in my showcase?
How do I add my Buyable Pins to my showcase?

Your showcase will only appear after you select items to go in it. To customize your space, go to your profile on the web and click the edit pencil button in the bottom right corner of your showcase, or visit the profile section of your account settings.   

Your showcase has up to 5 slots, and you can fill them with any one of your public boards.

Your showcase sits right at the top of your profile, and automatically rotates in a loop to show each of your featured items.

If you choose not to feature anything in your showcase, it won't appear on your profile. People will simply see your normal selection of boards—the prompt to fill your showcase is only visible to you. To close your empty showcase, just click the X in the upper-right corner. Remember: you can always edit your showcase later by visiting the profile section of your account settings.

First, save the products you want to include to a new board. Then go to your profile on web and edit your showcase. Add your new board to one of the slots in your showcase and save.

To see examples of how other businesses are using their showcase on Pinterest, visit our business blog.