Trouble with Pinterest emails

We're sorry you're having email troubles! What seems to be the problem?

Receiving email
Turning off email
Confirming my email
Opening links in each email
You can't confirm your email
First, check your spam folder.
If you still can't find our emails:
  1. Check if your email notifications are turned off on your settings
  2. If you have an address, check the Social tab
  3. Make sure you're checking the correct email address—if you need, you can get a hint to the email address on your account
  4. Search your inbox for emails from Pinterest. We often send emails from the email addresses below, so we recommend adding these to your address book or contact list
We send emails from:
We stop sending you email if you mark an email from us as spam, or if the emails we send you are bouncingIf you think that we aren't sending you emails anymore, get in touch with us below and we'll get it sorted out. 

Are you getting too many emails?
If you no longer want to use Pinterest, you can deactivate your account. If you're gettings emails for an account that you didn't create, let us know.

Before you can comment, send Pins, or join group boards, you need to confirm your email address.
To do this:
  1. Go to your home feed where you'll see a prompt that says Psst. Don't forget to confirm your email.
  2. From this message, select resend email or change your address
  3. If you select resend email and haven't recieved an email within 24 hours, we suggest you change the email address on your account.

Some email providers break or remove the buttons in our password reset and confirmation emails.
Try this:
  1. Use the Click here link on the left of the email
  2. Copy and paste the grey link at the bottom of the email into your browser

Some email programs have trouble with our emails. Try this:
If you're using an email program like IncrediMail, try directly logging in to your email service instead.

Tips and Troubleshooting

Add and to your email contacts! If you want to see messages immediately, change the email address on your account. 

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