Types of Pins (and how to use them)

You can Pin JPG, PNG and GIF image files, as well as YouTube, Vimeo and Ted videos.
As you're cruising through Pinterest, you may come across a few other types of Pins:
Picked for You Pins
Rich Pins
App Pins
Place Pins
Other Rich Pins
Promoted Pins
Picked for You Pins are plucked out of the Pin pool just for you. They're inspired by your boards and Pins - things you like and follow.
These Pins are picked based on things like:
  1. Pins you've added, liked or clicked on
  2. Boards you follow
  3. Sites you may have visited recently (you can turn this off)
If you see a Picked for You Pin that you don't like, tap the X button on the Pin (next to where it says 'Picked for you') and choose to hide the Pin or all Pins inspired by that board.
Picked for You Pins aren't Promoted Pins—you’ll only ever see Picked for You Pins when we have a hunch you might like them, not because other businesses or third parties ask us to promote them.
If you have feedback about Picked for You Pins, let us know!

Rich Pins are Pins with more information or details on them. They use data from the website they're from to update automatically with important info, like price or ingredients.
They look a little different than normal Pins and usually have a bold title.
Some of our most popular Rich Pins include:
  • App Pins
  • Place Pins
  • Article Pins
  • Product Pins
  • Recipe Pins
  • Movie Pins

App Pins (a type of Rich Pin) are useful Pins with extra information about various apps. Using an App Pin, you can install iOS apps without ever leaving Pinterest.
What to do when you see an App Pin:
  • Tap Install to download the app right to your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap Cancel to return to Pinterest
You can also save your favorite apps right from the App Store itself. Just add the Pin It button to your iPhone or iPad to start Pinning.
For businesses: Learn how to enable App Pins for your business.

Place Pins (a type of Rich Pin) have a location connected to them. You collect them on special place boards, which show all your Pins on a map.
To make a place board:
  • While you're creating a new board, change the Add a map? option to Yes
  • Or click Edit on one of your current boards to add a map to it (only the board owner can turn a board into a place board)
To add place Pins to your place board:
  1. Add a Pin to your place board
  2. Go to your place board and click Add a place on the Pin
  3. Type the name of the place ("Ben and Jerry's") and its location ("Houston") and we'll search for Ben and Jerry's in Houston, Texas
  4. If we're searching the wrong place, pick a different one using the Places near: drop down menu
We’ve partnered with these websites to automatically include location info on their Pins:
Airbnb, Atlas Obscura, Booking.com, Citysearch, Foursquare, Hotels.com, Jetsetter, OpenTable, Roadtrippers, StreetEasy, Trulia, UrbanSpoon, and VirtualTourist.
About our maps and data
Our maps are designed by Stamen Design, served by MapBox, created using data from © OpenStreetMap contributors. Some geographic data from Geonames.org is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0.

Article Pins include the article headline, author and story description, helping you find and save stories that matter to you.
Product Pins include real time pricing, availability and where to buy. You'll also get notifications when product Pins you've added drop in price.
Recipe Pins include ingredients, cooking times and serving info to get you excited to hit the kitchen.
Movie Pins include ratings, cast members and reviews to help you learn about new flicks.

Promoted Pins are Pins that businesses pay for to reach you where you'd be more likely to notice them.
We may show you relevant Promoted Pins based on your interests and things you do on Pinterest.
Promoted Pins are different from Picked for You Pins - you’ll only ever see Picked for You Pins when we have a hunch you might like them, not because other businesses or third parties ask us to to promote them.
Let us know what you think about Promoted Pins.