Understand the auction

Using an auction allows us to provide value to both Pinners and advertising partners. More specifically, the primary goals of the auction are to:

  1. Provide the best possible experience for Pinners by serving the highest quality ads at the most relevant moments
  2. Optimize business outcomes for our advertising partners

For each available ad impression, our auction system tries to select the best ad based on the likelihood of your desired action occurring, and how much that action is worth to you. The likelihood of the action occurring depends on factors like creative and landing page quality and targeting relevance. Your bid tells us what you’d like to pay for the action you choose to optimize for (for example, click or impression). You should bid what that action is worth to you. Learn more about bidding on Pinterest.

You pay only what’s needed to beat the next-best ad in the auction. That means you may pay less than your bid when you win. Setting overly conservative bids may restrict delivery. For performance-optimized bid types, we’ll set an effective bid and adjust it based on the likelihood that your desired action will occur.