All about Pinterest for Business

As a business, you can engage with millions of people who use Pinterest every day to discover, save and do things that inspire them. Using Pinterest helps you reach new customers, drive traffic back to your website and more. (To see examples, check out our success stories.) 

New to Pinterest? Here are the basics: 

  1. People save Pins 
    People save things they like on the web to Pinterest. The Pins they create are like visual bookmarks that link back to the websites they came from. 
    Each Pin is saved to a board, which are collections of Pins organized by different themes or topics like “Recipes to try.” 
  2. They discover more Pins 
    People don’t just save Pins from the web, they also save stuff on Pinterest by searching or browsing feeds and boards. When people save something they’ve found, more people get a chance to see it.
  3. People click Pins to do more
    When they want to see or do more, people click Pins to visit the website it came from. Then, they can go ahead and buy products, sign up for your service or read more. 
As a business, it’s important to build up your Pinterest presence so people can discover and save your content. Here’s how to add Pins to your profile: 
Create boards for your business
Save Pins from your site
Include other Pins from Pinterest
Upload new Pins

Think about a few relevant topics that your target audience may want to see and create boards that line up with those interests. For example, if you run a local sporting goods shop, you could Pin products, local hikes, camping tips and inspirational photography. (Make sure to add a category to your board to help people find them.) 

To easily save Pins from the web (including your own site), add the Pinterest browser button
After installing, you'll see a Save button any time you mouse over an image. Or, click the red P at the top of your browser whenever you find something on the web you want to save. All Pins that are saved with this button will automatically link back to the site it came from. 

It’s a good idea to mix up your own content with other things on Pinterest to make your profile more well-rounded and compelling. Starbucks fills its Pinterest boards with a blend of Pins from their website and Pins found on Pinterest.

If you want to create a new Pin, you can upload a photo by clicking the + button to the right of search. After uploading your image, edit your new Pin to make sure it links back to a website where people can learn more about your business.

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