About Catalogs

What is Catalogs?

Catalogs allows you to easily upload your product catalog, organize your products, and allow Pinners to discover and shop your content. 

With Catalogs, you will be able to mass generate product Pins and organize your product Pins into product groups. You can then promote those product groups as Shopping Ads through Ads Manager.

Who can use Catalogs?

Only business profiles with a claimed domain will be allowed to use Catalogs. Please claim your domain before using Catalogs.

In order to use Catalogs, you need to be able to provide a data source and your own hosting. Review our page for Setup to review specific requirements for setting up your data source.

Catalogs is currently only available for retail and ecommerce businesses in US, CA, UK, IE, AU, NZ at the moment. Review our Merchant Guidelines for full details. 

What is a data source?

A data source (also commonly known as a product catalog, product feed, or data feed) is a file consisting of a list of products and corresponding attributes that are structured in a specific way, to be processed for dynamic pin creation.

A data source is required to use Pinterest Catalogs. See the data source specification page for details on the technical requirements to create a data source for Pinterest. Currently we cannot support multiple data sources per profile.

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