In early April, we launched Business Access, a new way to easily manage people and partners who work on your Pinterest ad accounts. Starting July 14, 2021, Business Access will be the only place to manage your ad account permissions. 

About Business Access

With Business Access, you can:

  • Improve collaboration through quick ad account permission sharing 
  • Increase efficiency by managing user permissions across multiple ad accounts
  • Gain access to security features that allow you to easily view and adjust who has access to your ad accounts 
  • Transition timeline

    If you currently use multi-user permissions to share access to your ad account  and have not started using Business Access by July 14, your permissions will be moved to Business Access for you.

  • From July 14 to July 26: Existing multi-user permissions will be migrated automatically to Business Access and the old ad account settings page will be removed from the navigation bar
  • August 11: Multi-user permissions that have not been migrated to Business Access will be fully deprecated
  • How to prepare

    To prepare for this change, you can either set up Business Access yourself or let us move your existing ad account permissions for you.

    Option 1: 

    Completely control your Business Access set-up by adding your employees and partners and assigning ad accounts. Add at least one employee or partner in Business Access before July 14, 2021.

    Learn how to Share and manage access to your ad accounts with Business Access.

    Option 2:

    We'll automatically migrate existing ad account permissions to Business Access for you between July 14 and July 26 if you have not added employees or partners in Business Access by then. Existing users you’ve granted permissions to will be added as employees in Business Access with the same ad account permissions. 

  • If you manually add any employees and partners in Business Access, we will not migrate any old permissions, so you have full control over your set-up. If you prefer to do this manually, remember to add users as employees and re-grant permissions through Business Access to avoid loss of prior permissions. 
  • If you do not want us to migrate any of your existing ad account permissions and will not have set up Business Access yet, go to your ad account settings page, click on the checkbox next to a user’s name, and remove them from your settings.
  • Note: If you’re on the receiving end of multi-user permissions today, the owner of the ad account will either be responsible for manually adding you to their Business Access or your permissions will be auto-migrated, as detailed above. 

    What’s next?

    Learn how to Share and manage access to your ad accounts, then visit Business Access to start managing your employees, partners and ad account permissions. 

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