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Event codes let you measure the impact your Pinterest ads have on certain on-site actions. They are also necessary to launch campaigns that will automatically optimize towards specific events. 

Before you begin: You need to have the base code installed before you can add your event codes. Make sure your event codes run after your base code.

Copy event code in Ads Manager

  1. Open Ads manager.
  2. From the Ads dropdown, select Conversions.
  3. Select your tag.
  4. Copy the code for the event you wish to track.

Add event code to your website

To track events, you need to add an HTML snippet to your website's code.

  1. Open the code for the page you want to track an event on.
  2. Paste the event code:
    • Page load events fire any time the page is loaded: Paste in the header, before the base code.
    • User action events fire when triggered by an action: Exact steps to implement are dependent on your use case and the events you're tracking.

These are the events you can track with the Pinterest tag, and whether they include audience creation and conversion reporting. 


Audience creation

Conversion reporting










[User-defined event]**


*Track a custom event. Use this event name to track a special event that you want to include in your conversion reporting
**Add any additional event that you’ve defined for the purpose of audience targeting. Unique events aren’t available for conversion reporting. Keep in mind that whitespace will be trimmed from raw event names passed through the tag


What's the next step?

Check to see if everything's working correctly:  How to verify the Pinterest tag

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