Add people to your ad account

You can add people to your advertising account and choose the level of access each person has. This way, a variety of people can manage different aspects of your ad account - billing, audience editing, campaign creation - without having to share login credentials with an entire business. You can also view who is making what updates. There are five access levels you can grant to others.

Access level Permissions
  • Complete access to ad account as if original owner
  • Can view and edit everything including billing, campaign optimization, and audiences
  • View-only access to ad account
  • Can see everything but billing and business settings
  • Create and edit audiences on ad account
  • View Pinterest tag information
  • Cannot create or edit campaigns
  • Cannot view reporting
  • Complete access to ad account billing
  • Cannot create or edit campaigns
  • Cannot view reporting​​​​
  • Create, edit, and manage all aspects of advertising campaigns

Add people to your ad account

If you are the business account owner or have admin access to an account, you can add people with varying levels of access.

  1. From Pinterest, click Ads in the top left corner then select Overview to open Ads Manager

  2. Click   next to your name

  3. Click the ad account you'd like to add people to, then click View account settings

  4. Click Add people

  5. Enter the email address for the business profile you want to add to your account and then press enter

  6. Select the level of access this person should have

  7. Click Add to account

On your "Account settings" page, you can view all of the people you’ve added. Click   to edit access levels or to remove people from your ad account.

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