Add users to your ad account

Add users to let them see and edit your ad account.

  1. From Pinterest, click Ads in the top left corner then select Overview to open the Ads Manager
  2. Click   next to your name
  3. Click   next to the ad account you want to add users to
  4. Under the "Access" tab, click Add people to this account
  5. Enter the email addresses of people you want to add to your account
  6. To add multiple users, separate email addresses with commas
  7. Click Search
  8. Review users then click Add selected people

These users, or admins, can create and edit ads and add or remove other admins in the ad account they've been added to. Admins cannot edit your Pinterest profile and will not be able to create new organic Pins. Admins can only promote existing Pins or use the Bulk Editor.

On the ad account's "Access" tab, you can see all the users you've added. Click Remove to take them off your ad account.

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