Automatic enhanced match is a Pinterest tag feature that lets you securely share hashed information that customers have provided via form fields on your website, with Pinterest. This allows us ​​to match more of your website visitors and conversions to people on Pinterest, which can lead to improvements in your campaign performance (cost per action and return on ad spend) and audience reach (site visitor and dynamic retargeting).

Even if you’ve already enabled enhanced match via the Pinterest tag, we recommend that you also enable automatic enhanced match to ensure you’re maximizing campaign performance.

Before you begin, please review the Pinterest tag and website requirements below to make sure that automatic enhanced match will work with your website.

Requirements for automatic enhanced match
  • You’ve installed the Pinterest tag (if you have not done this already, you can learn how to Install the Pinterest tag)
  • New advertisers who have not yet installed the Pinterest tag will be able to enable automatic enhanced match during the tag installation process
  • You’re using a Pinterest Javascript tag (for IMG tags, please use our enhanced match solution)
  • There are form fields on your website for customers to enter information such as email addresses, phone numbers, first names and last names
  • The Pinterest tag is implemented on every page where there’s a form field available for customers to enter information
  • The Pinterest tag is loaded in the same environment as the tag on the page and not in an iFrame
  • Enable automatic enhanced match

    Once you’ve reviewed the requirements, you’re ready to enable automatic enhanced match. Existing advertisers who have already installed a Pinterest tag can enable automatic enhanced match in Ads Manager by following the steps below:

  • Log into your Pinterest business account
  • Click Ads at the top of your screen, then select Conversions
  • Below Automatic enhanced match, toggle the switch to Enabled 
  • Select the types of information you’d like to share in the pop-up window
  • Once this is completed, we'll start securely receiving hashed information and you should begin to see a gradual improvement in campaign performance and audience reach.


    Automatic enhanced match only supports JavaScript tags because we require information to be hashed using SHA-256 prior to being sent to Pinterest. The hashing process turns the information into a short, text string that cannot be read by humans.

    Pinterest uses the secure HTTPS connection protocol standard to encrypt any information the tag transmits from a browser to our servers.

    Pinterest does not accept or store raw information from automatic enhanced match. All values are hashed in the browser using SHA-256 prior to being sent to Pinterest.

    Pinterest checks to see if the hashed information is associated with an existing Pinterest account for the purposes of matching more of your website visitors and conversions to people on Pinterest.

    What's next?

    Once you've enabled automatic enhanced match, you can more concretely measure the performance of your campaigns. Set up a conversion campaign and then learn how it's performing through conversion insights.

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