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The bulk editor helps you create and edit multiple ad campaigns, ad groups, and ads at once. We've gathered some tips here to help answer the most frequently asked questions. If you’re experiencing trouble with error messages, check out our article on how to resolve errors on bulk editor.

Bulk sheet formatting

Note that the CSV file can only be downloaded in English, and the uploaded values must be in English as well; we cannot accept other languages at this time. 

  • Rows 1 and 2 in every bulk sheet are reference rows that include a description of the columns, as well as eligible parameters and special formatting required for each entry. Do not edit these rows.
  • When you download the bulk editor sheet, save your Excel file as a CSV UTF-8 file to ensure all values in the template are properly formatted.
  • Every row must have an ‘Action’ filled out in column A. If there is no action specified, we ignore the row.
  • Enter campaign dates with brackets as [YYYY-MM-DD] to prevent the date from reformatting.
  • In the new version of the bulk editor, you can remove the values for spend caps and ad group end dates by replacing the existing values with "CLEAR".

Campaign setup

  • When creating new objects, set their statuses to Active if you're ready for them to go live. Keep in mind that your ads will still go through ad review.
  • To create multiple Pins in a campaign, copy and paste the same campaign and ad group info for all the Pins within that campaign.
  • Budgets and bids will run in your account currency - if your business is in the US, you will be charged in USD.

Learn more about campaign structure.


    To add new keywords, add a row for each keyword and add “Create” as the action in column A.
    You can assign keyword-level bids. If this is left blank, we’ll use the bid set at the ad group level. Other targeting details, such as interests, devices, and genders, are still defined at the ad group level.
    If you're adding keywords to an existing ad group, be sure to specify the ad group ID.
    For any comma separated lists (e.g. interests, keywords, locations), please make sure to enclose your lists with brackets. For example, interests: [exotic pets,insects,mammals,cute animals] or locations: [662,525,124522,826047]

    See all the targeting codes you can use:

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