Business Manager is a suite of features that help advertisers and agencies collaborate across accounts or brands, see all of your accounts’ performance in one place, and manage access to accounts and assets to help improve account security for you and your clients or brands. You can invite colleagues and partners to access your account, view and edit who has access to your account, and access multiple ad accounts from a single login. 

  • Add partners and employees and grant permissions to allow others to work on behalf of your account and access key business assets.
  • Create parent and child account hierarchies to manage complex organizational structures.
  • View key metrics across all of your accounts to see the impact of your investment.
  • Edit employee and partner permissions at scale.
  • Share existing audiences between your ad accounts to save time.
  • Switch between accounts owned by or shared with you.
  • Business Manager uses a two-tiered permission system so you can control and view what access each of your employees and partners have. The first level is where you add employees or partners to your business account and assign them roles. The second level is where you assign permissions to give employees and partners specific levels of access to your ad accounts. 

    Before getting started with Business Manager

    To use Business Manager, you first need to Get a business account. You’ll be responsible for adding employees and partners to Business Manager. Once added, you can allow other people to manage permissions within your account.  

    To provide an employee or partner with access, they will also need to have a Pinterest business account.

    Permission levels

    Review the level of access each permission setting grants your employees and partners:

      Admin Analyst Audience Finance Campaign Catalogs
    Create and edit campaigns, ad groups and ads         
    View billing and business settings      
    Edit billing and business settings        
    View reporting      
    View conversion tags    
    Create and edit conversion tags        
    View audiences    
    Create and edit audiences        
    View analytics        
    Create and edit data sources and product groups        
    Upload conversion files in Ads Manager    
    Business overview 

    Agencies can view key metrics across all of their accounts in the Business overview section of the Dashboard tab.

    You can view reporting for all Ad accounts that you have access to, including partner or child accounts. You can also customize column views, search for specific Ad accounts, and sort by numerical columns. You can view up to twelve metrics at a time on this page.


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