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When advertisers are creating a new campaign in Ads Manager, selecting a campaign goal will make it easier to see if your campaign is on track to achieve the desired business results. Campaign goal attainment can be tracked in real time in the Reporting Dashboard section of Ads Manager.

Pinterest will also use this information to give customized recommendations* for optimizing each campaign to meet your campaign goal. These automated tips can be found in the Recommendations page in Ads Manager. 

The campaign goal you choose will be used to help you track progress and to provide customized recommendations. Choosing a goal will not affect the way your ads are served. 

Campaign goals are not required and you can edit the goal for one or multiple campaigns from your Reporting Dashboard.

Campaign goals and campaign objectives

Both campaign objective and campaign goal should reflect the business priorities for your campaign. 

Campaign objectives are required to determine how you bid in the ad auction and what ad formats are available to promote. 

The campaign goal gives you the option to set a target and key metric for your campaign. This helps you track success and allows us to provide customized recommendations to help optimize your campaign.

Set your campaign goal

Campaign goals are available in Ads Manager after you select your campaign objective. 

Use the Campaign Goal dropdown menu to select your goal. Some goals also allow you to select a Goal Value. For example, if you choose Add to Cart CPA as your goal, you can select a Goal Value of $30.00. 

Depending on what Campaign goal you select, you may be asked for additional information about your attribution window

Campaign goal options

Goal Definition

CPA (Add to Cart)

Cost per acquisition to add to cart

CPA (Checkout)

Cost per acquisition to complete checkout

CPA (Lead)

Cost per acquisition to generate lead

CPA (Signup)

Cost per acquisition to generate signup


Cost per click


Cost per completed view


Cost per thousand impressions


Cost per view


Click through rate

Engagement Rate

The total engagements with your Pins divided by the total number of times your Pins were seen. Engagements include saves, Pin clicks, and outbound clicks.

ROAS (Online)

Return on Ad Spend

Video Completion Rate

Percentage of times a video ad played to the end


Goal Reporting

You can track your goal progress in the Reporting Dashboard. This is a quantitative metric that may differ across different campaigns. 

You will see a column for Goal type, Goal value, Target goal and Percent to goal to measure how close your campaign is to achieving the goal. 

Note: *Recommendations are based on historical data on Pinterest. Results not guaranteed.

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