Campaign objectives

Your campaign objective determines how you bid in the ad auction and what ad formats are available to promote. Choose the campaign objective that best reflects your business goals.

Build awareness

If your primary goal is to help people discover your brand, products, or other offerings, choose Brand awareness for standard Pins or Video views for promoted video Pins as your campaign objective.

With a brand awareness or video view campaign, you set a maximum CPM bid, or the maximum you are willing to pay for every 1,000 impressions your Promoted Pin serves. This campaign objective is ideal if you're looking for more steady brand awareness throughout the year, trying to test new creative, or optimizing your ads for frequency of exposure.

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Drive consideration

If you're more interested in increasing traffic, leads, sales, and app installs, choose Traffic or App install for your campaign objective.

For traffic campaigns, you set a maximum CPC, or cost per click, when people click through your Promoted Pin to visit your website. This is ideal if you want to drive qualified site traffic or are optimizing for actions on your site, such as a sign up or purchase.

For an app install campaign, you can choose to optimize for visits to your app's download page or for installs of your app, but you pay a CPC bid when people click on your Promoted app Pin. If you choose to optimize for installs rather than traffic, our algorithm will dynamically adjust a CPC bid to optimize for people most likely to install your app and to reach your target CPI, or cost per install. Your actual CPI may be more or less than your target CPI. When a user clicks through to your app store page, you will pay the CPC bid dynamically selected by our algorithm.

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