Campaign structure

Every ad campaign has three levels: campaign, ad group, and Promoted Pin. Campaigns house ad groups, and each ad group contains a collection of Promoted Pins.


Campaigns are the highest level of the campaign hierarchy. At the campaign level, you can select a campaign objective and set an optional campaign spend limit. Each campaign can contain more than one ad group.

Ad groups

At the ad group level, you can choose where your ads will show on Pinterest and set the budget, bid, run dates, and targeting for all the Promoted Pins housed within them. Ad groups let you address the different regions, product lines, and target audiences that may be a part of a single campaign. They also allow you to test the performance of various targeting and objective strategies without creating multiple campaigns.

Promoted Pins

Promoted Pins are the ads that Pinners see. Each Promoted Pin sits within an ad group and has a unique URL and creative. You can create multiple Promoted Pins in a single ad group to test which variations in creative work best with your targeted audience.

Learn how to create a campaign in Ads Manager.

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