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Collections ads can only be created on desktop and targeted to people on the Pinterest mobile app. GIFs are not supported. Dynamic retargeting is not available for collections ads at this time.


A collections ad is an ad format that appears as a combination of one large, hero asset followed by three smaller, secondary assets. The main asset is known as the hero creative and the smaller, secondary assets are known as the secondary creatives. Collections ads appear in the Pinterest mobile feed. 

Once someone taps into a collections ad, they’ll be taken to a fullscreen experience where they can see the hero creative up close and up to 24 secondary creatives.

GIF of someone clicking into a collections ad from their Pinterest home feed and then browsing the shoppable products below the hero image.

Create and promote a collections ad

To create a collections ad you first must create an organic collections Pin. Then, promote it to create a paid collections ad.

Create a collections Pin

  1. From your desktop, log into your Pinterest business account
  2. Click Create at the top-left of the page and then click Create Pin
  3. To upload your hero creative, click the up arrow then select an image or video from your computer or drag and drop an image into the uploader
  4. Click the tag icon in the left-hand menu to add secondary creatives
  5. Click the plus circle icon 
  6. Select whether you want to add an existing Pin, enter a URL or select a product ID from your Catalog
    • Your Pins: Search by Pin title or description
    • URL: Enter a landing page for a product
    • Catalog: Enter an exact match of an uploaded product ID using lowercase letters
  7. Repeat step five until you have three or more secondary Pins or products, then click Save products
  8. Click Done
  9. Select a board for your Pin from the dropdown menu, add a title, description and destination link from your claimed website, then click Publish

Create a collections ad

You can create a collections ad by promoting a collections Pin through Ads Manager, bulk editor or select API partners.

Note: If your API partner doesn’t have a collections ads integration yet, please reach out to them directly.

More about collections ads

Learn how people interact with collections ads, see how secondary creatives work, and get collections ads specific creative specs and metrics.

What’s next?

Now that you’ve created and promoted your collections ads, read our guide to learn how to Track a collections ad.

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