You'll see "Beta" next to Conversion insights. This means we’re still working on Conversion insights to make sure you have the best experience on Pinterest. Some things might change as we continue to finalize the product.

Conversion insights is a reporting page that lets you measure the total impact of both your organic and paid performance on Pinterest in a single dashboard. It's available to all advertisers with healthy Pinterest tags.

You can find ad specific metrics such as return on ad spend (ROAS) or cost per action (CPA) in the Reporting dashboard.

Access Conversion insights

Certain metrics may include modeled conversions. We use modeling in cases where conversions cannot be directly observed and reported. This helps us to provide you with a comprehensive view of your campaign performance. 

  • Log in to your Pinterest business account
  • Click  the hamburger icon  at the top-left of the page
  • Under Analytics, select Conversion insights
  • It looks like you're reading this from a mobile device. At the moment, you'll need to use your desktop to access Conversion insights. You can see those instructions by tapping Web above.

    It looks like you're reading this from a mobile device. At the moment, you'll need to use your desktop to access Conversion insights. You can see those instructions by tapping Web above.

    Set your conversion window

    Your conversion window refers to a defined number of days from when a user views, engages with, or clicks on your Pin before completing a conversion action such as page visit, add to cart or checkout on your site.

    A longer conversion window setting is ideal for businesses that sell products that customers are not buying impulsively and take longer to decide on.

    Keep in mind:

  • By default, your conversion window is set to the same as your conversion settings reporting preference in Ads Manager. If your conversion settings reporting preference includes a 60-day window, we'll default to the next closest window as a 60-day reporting window is not available in Conversion insights.
  • If you have multiple ad accounts in Ads Manager, Conversion insights will not show paid metrics for a single ad account. Data in Conversion insights is reflective of the entire business account.
  • If you have not selected a conversion window in Ads Manager, we'll show data for 1-day view, 30-day engagement, and 30-day click. This means you'll see conversions that happened one day after someone viewed your Pin and 30 days after someone engaged with or clicked on your Pin.
  • You can change the conversion window at any time by clicking  the directional-chevron-down icon  below Conversion window on the left-side menu.

    For example, if you want to see the purchases that happened after someone viewed, engaged or clicked your Pin in the last 30 days, you could select a 30-day view, 30-day engagement and 30-day click conversion window. That way, you can see if people are taking action after seeing, engaging or clicking on your Pin.

    If you click Set as the default conversion window for this advertiser account, your preference is saved to Conversion insights in both Analytics and Ads Manager for the advertiser account currently logged in.

    Review stats by conversion content type

    Click  the directional-chevron-down icon  next to the drop-down menu below Conversion content from the left-side navigation to see stats based on whether people interacted with only your organic content, only paid content, or both types on the path to conversion. 

    Organic conversion: People interacted with only your organic Pins
    Paid unassisted: People interacted with only your ads
    Paid assisted: People interacted with both ads and organic Pins

    Note: Conversion stats from people who interact with your ads include any downstream activity that occurs on your ads, known as earned metrics.

    Filter your data

    You can filter your data by:

  • Date range: See stats about traffic during a particular period of time. The earliest date available will be approximately 1.5 years ago or less, depending on when your tag was first installed and functioning properly. If you’re a Shopify merchant, it depends on when you integrated the Pinterest app.
  • Attribution action: See stats by the type of Pin interaction that led to a conversion.
  • Claimed account: See stats for Pins linked to your claimed accounts.
  • Device: See stats for the different devices your traffic is coming from.
  • Source: See stats for Pins created and saved by you as well as for Pins created and saved by others from your claimed accounts.
  • Format: See stats for different Pin or ad types your traffic is coming from. Note that if you want to access the format filter, the conversion content filter must be set to something other than "All". 
  • Including saved Pins: Include stats for Pins you've saved that do not link back to any of your claimed domains.
  • Review your data on a graph or table

    You can choose whether to see your data on a graph or in a table. The graph lets you visually track how your Pinterest audience converted on the path to purchasing within your selected conversion window. The table lets you do the same in a different format. The highest metric in each column in the table will be highlighted green so you know which content type and attributed actions performed most successfully. Click  the chart-bar icon  on the top-right of your table to see your data on the graph or click  the list icon  on the top-right of your graph to see your data in a table. 

    Split your data

    Click the Content type tab above your graph or table to split your data by paid and organic conversions. Review Revenue, Page visitsAdd to cart, Checkouts, Average order value or Purchasers to see how many conversions are being driven by paid unassisted content, paid assisted content and organic content.

    For example, if paid assisted content is the largest category, this means both your ads and organic Pins are working together to drive conversions.

    Click the Attributed action tab above your graph or table to split your data by impression, engagement and click.

    Review your performance over time

    Click  the directional-chevron-down icon  next to the drop-down menu below Performance over time to see metrics on the graph and click  the plus-circle icon  to compare two metrics on the graph:

  • Revenue: Total revenue influenced by your Pins and ads
  • Checkouts: Number of checkouts stemming from your Pins and ads
  • Average order value: Average value of checkouts stemming from your Pins and ads
  • Purchasers: Number of purchasers stemming from interaction with your Pins and ads
  • Page visits: Number of times people visited your website after seeing your content on Pinterest
  • Add to cart: Number of times people added your products to their carts after interacting with your Pins
  • Impressions: Number of times your Pins were on screen
  • Pin clicks: Total number of times people clicked on your Pin to content on or off of Pinterest
  • Saves: Total number of times your Pin was saved
  • The graph lets you compare different metrics over the same timeframe. For example, you can compare the number of organic checkouts to the paid assisted checkouts during the same timeframe.

    You can also split any metric by attributed action, conversion content, claimed account, device, format or source by clicking  the directional-chevron-down icon  the directional chevron down icon next to Split by above the graph.

    If you want to see total impressions, engagement, and audience metrics, go to Analytics.

    If you want to view ad specific metrics such as return on ad spend (ROAS) or cost per action (CPA), go to Reporting.

    Review top converting Pins

    See the top Pins that led to conversions. Click  the directional-chevron-down icon  next to the drop-down menu below Top converting Pins to sort this list by Checkouts, Page visits, Add to cart, Impressions, Pin clicks or Saves.

    This gives you an idea of which top converting organic Pins you can promote to increase your conversions. Note: The top converting Pins table reflects the last Pin someone interacted with before purchasing, not the exact product someone purchased.

    Missing data
  • It takes us a few days to build this report. If you do not see data, please check back the next day.
  • Your tag might not be working. All tags have to be functioning on all advertiser accounts linked to your business account. You can only get data starting from the date your tag is working properly. Note that it might take up to seven days for tag errors to update when they’re fixed. Check that your Pinterest tag is working correctly.
  • You can only see data starting on the day your tag was installed correctly, and if you’re a Shopify merchant, starting on the day you integrate the Pinterest app. You cannot see data from before this date.
  • Conversion insights does not match with ads reporting because Conversion insights shows the total checkouts influenced by both your organic Pins and ads at business level, and not ad account level.

    Adding up the conversion data in multiple ad accounts will not equal the Conversion insights data because:

    • Different conversion windows are set on different ad accounts
    • Conversion insights uses a last-touch model and gives insights based on the last Pin a user engaged with before checking out, whether it was an organic Pin or an ad

    Conversion insights data will not match third-party sources such as Google Analytics and Omniture as they cannot see people’s activity on Pinterest, like what users are seeing and how they’re engaging with your Pins and ads.

    These platforms also default to a last-click model, which credits only the last source a user was on before making a purchase.

    For example, someone might see and engage with your Pin or ad on Pinterest without buying anything. A week later, they might see your ad again on another publisher or search platform, leading to a site visit and conversion. In this case, the third-party sources assign 100% credit to the second publisher and do not take the first viewing or engagement of the Pin or ad on Pinterest into account.

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