Create a shop

You can feature your product groups on your profile in a Shop tab. People on Pinterest can then browse your shoppable products within your featured product groups.

Before you get started

Before a Shop tab can appear on your profile, you have to do the following:

  1. Create a business account
  2. Add a data source
  3. Create product groups

Once you’ve completed these steps, you have to select which product groups you want to feature on your profile.

Feature product groups on your profile

Select at least one manually-created product group for the Shop tab to appear on your profile. If you select only one auto created product group, the Shop tab will not appear on your profile.

  1. Log into your Pinterest business account
  2. Click Ads at the top of your screen, then click Catalogs
  3. Click View product groups 
  4. Scroll down to the list of product groups below the search bar
  5. Click the star icon below Featured next to the name of the product group you want to feature on your profile

Remember that:

  • Duplicate images and out of stock products will not be displayed in your Shop tab but will show up when you’re editing product groups, or viewing the product catalog or product groups page
  • If you have a featured product group on your profile created from an inactive feed, it will still show up on your Shop tab until you remove it as a featured product group
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