Create additional ad accounts

To run ads on Pinterest, you need to create a business account. When you set up a business profile, we’ll automatically create an ad account associated with that profile.

You can create more ad accounts and assign other business profiles to work on those ads. You can set up as many as 10 ad accounts for your business profile to support multiple currencies, support multiple payment methods, and improve the organization of your ads.

Keep in mind, if you're running a simpler campaign, it may be easier for you to manage just one account.

Set up a new ad account

  1. From Pinterest, click Ads in the top left corner then select Overview to open the Ads Manager

  2. Click   next to your name

  3. Select Create new 

  4. Enter a name for the ad account and select your country then click Set up billing

  5. Add payment information for your new ad account

If you want to track conversions or target specific audiences, you need to set up a separate Pinterest Tag and create audiences for each of your ad accounts.

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