Create, edit and review custom reports

To see a custom view of your metrics, there are two types of reports you can create: 

  • One-time custom reports: Create a one-time custom report if you have a specific use case and won’t need to reuse the same report later. You can run custom reports across one or multiple accounts.
  • Report templates: Create a report template to save custom reports that you use frequently. To easily re-run reports, you can schedule your report to run daily, weekly or monthly across one or multiple accounts, and automatically be emailed to you or anyone else.

Once you’ve created a report template or schedule, you can edit it in the custom reports page.

Create and run a custom report

Decide which type of custom report you'd like to run (one-time custom report, report template with no schedule or report template with a schedule). Then, create, run and schedule a custom report.

Edit a custom report

Edit reporting templates and schedules after they’re set up. Learn how to edit an existing report template, edit an existing schedule, add a schedule to an existing report template, edit email recipients for an existing scheduled report template, or copy and update an existing report template.

Review a custom report

Review your custom reports page to see all of your existing report templates, schedules, and in-progress and processed reports.

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