Customize your reporting view

You can customize the table in your reporting dashboard to show what’s most important to you.

Edit or default to a view

Tap the   at the top right of the reporting table to edit your report, save a view, or default to a reporting view you’ve created. Note that columns that are required, like name and ID, will be shown with grey checkboxes that cannot be deselected.

  • Click the   to expand a category and see or change which columns are selected. Click the  to return to the category view.

  • To set a default report, click Save for later then check the box next to “make this table your default.”

  • To create a new custom report, click Save for later then choose “Save as a new table” and enter a name in the “Name your custom table” field.

  • To edit an existing custom report, click Save for later then choose “Override an existing table” and select the report you’re editing in the ‘-Select existing table-’ dropdown field.

Pro tip: in your custom report, you can also drag and drop columns into your preferred order; this order will be saved as long as you’re using the same browser. 

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