Duplicate a campaign or ad group

Duplicating allows you to reuse previously successful campaigns and ad groups. By duplicating a campaign, all of the ad groups and Promoted Pins in it will also be duplicated, and duplicating a single ad group will include all of its Promoted Pins as well. Once duplicated, you can edit the components within.

Duplicate a campaign or ad group

  1. In Ads Manager, navigate to the top left hand corner and click Reporting under the “Ads” section
  2. Select the campaign or ad group you want to duplicate, and click Duplicate above the search bar
  3. In the window that appears, select the number of campaigns or ad groups you would like to create and click Duplicate 
  4. Follow the steps to make changes to your campaign, ad group, or promoted Pins 
  5. Click Publish and exit
  6. Check the status of your duplicated campaign in Bulk Editor under ‘History of changes’

You can copy campaigns and ad groups into new campaigns with different objectives. This duplicates the ad group into a new campaign so you can test the same ad group against different objectives.

If your duplicated campaign(s) receives an error status in the Bulk editor ‘History of changes’, those campaigns were not successfully duplicated; in that case, download the results file from the 'actions' column to fix the errors, then re-upload the updated sheet to complete duplication.

You can duplicate standard or video campaigns or ad groups with the following statuses: active, paused, not started, completed. You will not be able to duplicate carousel, shopping, or archived campaigns.

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