Find IDs in Ads Manager

Find your ad ID

  1. Click Ads to open Ads Manager
  2. Click Reporting
  3. Click the Ads tab under the graph
  4. Scroll down to the list of ads
  5. The 12-digit number beginning with 687 under the ad name is the ad ID

If you want to find the ID of an ad that is pending, or has been paused or rejected:

  1. Click Status at the top of the page and scroll to Ad status
  2. Click the box beside “Approved” so that only “Pending”, “Paused” and “Rejected” are selected

Find your shopping Pin ID

  1. Click Ads to open Ads Manager
  2. Click Catalogs
  3. Click Product groups on the top-left 
  4. Click All Products
  5. Click the Pin you want to view so it’s on closeup
  6. The Pin ID is the 18-digit number at the top of the page at the end of the URL
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