Google tag manager and Pinterest tag

Set up the Pinterest tag & enhanced match

  1. Navigate to Google Tag Manager and click New Tag in the upper left corner

  2. On the right side under “Choose tag type,” click Custom HTML under “Custom”

  3. In the HTML field, copy and paste the base code

  4. To set up enhanced match, find the field within the code that looks like this: “<user_email_address>

  5. Replace the text with the appropriate data layer name for customer email addresses in your GTM account. If you’re concerned about sending email addresses via GTM, make sure to SHA-256 hash the lower-cased email address value ​and send the resulting hash to the GTM data layer instead of the email address itself.

  6. Under the “Advanced Settings” field, ​input 2 in the ‘Tag firing priority’ so that it fires first on every page

  7. Navigate to the section titled ‘Triggering’​ and select ‘All Pages’ to have the Base Code fire on every page

  8. Save your custom HTML tag as ‘Pinterest Base Code​’

  9. Click Publish

Once your base code fires on your website, you’ll see your Pinterest Tag status become verified within a few hours on the tag at

Add event code

  1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 from above

  2. This time, past the conversion event code in the HTML field. Be sure to replace your Tag ID from your base code after the “tid=” portion of the img tag. There are two places to indicate the type of conversion event: once in the javascript and once in the image tag

  3. Under the “Advanced Settings” field, ​input 1 in the ‘Tag firing priority’ so that it fires after the base code

  4. Navigate to the ‘Tag Sequencing’ section, ​and check the box next to “Fire a tag before (event code name) fires”

  5. Select “Pinterest Base Code” under ‘Setup Tag’

  6. In the section titled ‘Triggering,’ select the corresponding page(s) that indicates that conversion event

  7. Save your custom HTML tag as ‘Pinterest Event Code​’

  8. Click Publish

You can confirm the checkout event is firing on Pinterest by going to, then clicking Conversion tags under the ‘Ads’ tag. Next to the Pinterest tag name, click See history. Keep in mind there’s a 3-5 hour delay between the time a tag fires and when data will show up in Tag Event History.


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