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Idea ads with paid partnerships are ads that include creator produced content denoting a paid partnership between the creator and the business. 

Creators can tag a business that sponsors them to create an Idea Pin with paid partnership. The business can then promote this Idea Pin to create an Idea ad with paid partnership. 

Idea ads with paid partnerships can help to scale content beyond the creator’s following. As Pinners see and engage with an Idea ad with paid partnership, they’ll have the option to follow the creator, save the Pin and visit a destination URL provided by the business. 

When the idea ad is published:

  • The ad will appear with a profile image of the creator.
  • A “Paid Partnership” label will be featured on the ad to disclose that a relationship exists between the creator and advertiser.
  • The ad will be shown on mobile to the creator’s followers and relevant Pinners.
  • Creating an Idea ad with paid partnership

    Before an advertiser can create an Idea ad, a creator must tag the advertiser as a business partner. Once the business has been tagged, they will be notified via email. The email will be sent to the email address associated with the account. 

    Learn more about approving paid partnerships.

    Once the paid partnership relationship has been established, the brand can promote the Idea pin with paid partnership via Ads Manager or the Ads API.

    Eligible Idea Pins will show up under the Paid partnership tab on the ad selection page in Ads manager. Idea Pins that contain product tags, mentions, and/or affiliate links are currently not eligible for promotion.

    Learn how to create ads using Ads Manager.

    Advertisers can check and test their Idea ads with paid partnership through Pin preview.

    Learn how to create an ad preview.


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