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Keyword targeting lets you reach people as they search for a specific idea on Pinterest. To use keyword targeting, select keywords related to the ad you’re promoting. For example, if you’re promoting living room furniture, try targeting people searching for “living room decor” or “home decor ideas”. For more precise control over which searches your ad appears or doesn’t appear in, use keyword match types.

Note: You can use up to 20,000 keywords per ad group and for the best results we recommend using at least 25 keywords per group. 

When creating a campaign in Ads Manager, advertisers can add or remove up to 5,000 keywords or update up to 2,500 keywords at a time. However, using the Bulk Editor, they can add or modify up to the 20,000 keyword limit in a single operation.

Add keyword targeting in Ads Manager
  • Log into your Pinterest business account
  • Click Ads at the top of the screen, then click Create ad
  • Click New ad group from the left-side navigation
  • Click Targeting from the left-side navigation
  • Under Keywords, add your keywords
    • Enter a list of keywords in the empty box on the left, separating multiple keywords with a comma 
    • Search for keywords in the search bar in the square on the right, and click [+ in circle] beside the keywords you want
  • If you want to use keyword match types, format your keywords to specify your match type: broad match, “phrase match” ex. “flower park spring”, [exact match] ex.[flower],  -”negative phrase match” ex. -”flower” or-[negative exact match] ex. -[flower]
  • Once complete, select your Budget & Schedule, Optimization & delivery and Ads
  • Review your information
  • Click Launch
  • Edit keyword targeting in Ads Manager
  • Log into your Pinterest business account
  • Click Ads at the top of the screen, then click Overview
  • Click the ad you want to edit 
  • Click the Keywords tab below the graph
    • Click Create keywords or Create negative keywords to add new ones
    • Select the keywords you don’t want and click Archive to remove them
  • Add keyword targeting in Bulk editor
  • Log into your Pinterest business account
  • Click Ads at the top of the screen, then click Bulk editor
  • Click Download sample sheet to download a sample spreadsheet
  • Fill out column CR, Keyword
  • Enter the keywords you want to add placing each one in a separate row
  • If you want to use keyword match types, in column CS, Match Type, specify the match type for each keyword by entering BROAD, PHRASE, EXACT, NEGATIVE_EXACT, NEGATIVE_PHRASE, CAMPAIGN_NEGATIVE_EXACT, or CAMPAIGN_NEGATIVE_PHRASE
  • Once complete, click Upload template to upload your bulk editor sheet
  • Click Upload
  • Edit keyword targeting in Bulk editor
  • Log into your Pinterest business account
  • Click Ads, then click Reporting
  • Click Export below the graph, then click Bulk sheet for editing or duplicating
  • Select your information, then click Start export
  • When filling out column A:
    • Enter Edit as the action for the keywords you want to edit 
    • Enter Archive as the action for the keywords you want to archive
    • Enter Create as the action for new keywords you want to add
  • Once complete, click Ads, then click Bulk editor
  • Click Upload template from the left-side navigation
  • Select your file, then click Upload
  • Target specific keyword match types

    Control which searches your ad appears in by using phrase and exact matches to narrow in on specific searches, or use broad match to reach a wider audience. Negative keywords let you exclude certain search terms from triggering your ads and can be set at the ad group.

    When adding match types through Ads Manager, use brackets or quotations to indicate the match type, shown below Example keyword in the table below. These brackets and quotations are not necessary when using Bulk editor.

    Match type


    Example keyword Eligible search Ineligible search
    Broad match (default) Pins show for your own keyword as well as for misspellings, synonyms, and other related search terms. Word order does not matter. Kitchen design Kitchen decor ideas, wall paper designs T-shirt ideas
    Phrase match Pins show on search terms that include the entire phrase contained in the specified keyword as well as misspellings and close variations of that phrase. The search term phrase must use the same word order as the keyword. "Kitchen design" Kitchen design ideas, Kitchen designs Kitchen decor idea, Design kitchen
    Exact match Pins show on your exact keyword or on a close variation of that keyword. Word order matters. [Kitchen design] Kitchen design, Kitchen designs Kitchen design idea, Design kitchen, Kitchen decor
    Negative phrase match Pins will not show on any search that contains the entire keyword phrase within the search term. Word order matters. -"Bedroom decor" Kitchen decor Bedroom decor tips
    Negative exact match Pins will not show on a search that matches your keyword exactly. Order matters. -[Bedroom decor] Modern bedroom decor, Kitchen decor Bedroom decor
    Ad review process

    Once you launch your campaign, we’ll review it to make sure it follows our Advertising guidelines. The campaign review process can take up to 24 hours. 

    If your campaign targeting goes against our advertising guidelines, we’ll send you a notification in Ads Manager letting you know what needs to change so that your ad can be reviewed again for approval. Once approved, we’ll start distributing your ad.

    Explore targeting on Pinterest

    If you want to set up multiple kinds of targeting on Pinterest or edit a current ad group’s targeting choices, you can learn more in our targeting overview article.

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