Upload conversions for measurement

Conversion measurement provides a more complete picture of the success of your campaign. Make sure you ran a Pinterest campaign and have conversion data for the time period you're trying to measure. 

Upload conversion events

There are three ways to upload offline conversion events:

Method How it works Requirements & considerations
Upload conversions with Ads Manager Upload a CSV file with web, in-app, offline conversions into Ads Manager. Manual process
Upload conversions with LiveRamp Upload offline conversions to LiveRamp, who matches those conversions to Pinterest IDs and sends them to Pinterest. Requires relationship with LiveRamp
Upload conversions via Pinterest API

Set up a server-to-server integration with the Pinterest API endpoint and regularly send batches of conversion events in a JSON format to the endpoint.

This product isn't available widely. If you work with a Pinterest representative, ask them for details

Needs developer support

Requires Pinterest sales support

What's the next step?

Once you choose the upload method that's right for you, get started:

After that, learn about conversion reporting:

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